… numerous clichés we can throw in here.

Banks are safe as houses, or too big to fail depending whether they own you, or your property. In the former camp are politicians, and in the latter most poor punters who believe in home ownership.

The subprime mortgage mechanism AKA fiasco exposed the financial sector for what it is, a ‘legal’ Ponzi scheme on the basis that the bank own the politicians who write the laws. Let’s not confuse justice or truth with the law now people.

Behind the paper trails, and abstract concept of money, there’s one terrifying truth. Fuelled by greed we the people of Planet Earth are burning global resources faster than Mother Nature can recoup.

Banks and financiers will fuel the fires of avarice to profit from this climate cul-de-sac. Makes you wonder if they have another planet up their sleeves, or does their obscene wealth prevent them from perceiving the environmental scene for what it actually is?

Wealth cannot insulate anyone from a shared sealed atmosphere. The seas and air are as one. You can’t write laws to ringfence detrimental effects on the environment.

There’s a simple solution. Boycott the banks and restore power to the people.

Here’s a one-page PDF that nobody should find too taxing > Perish


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